New Service Request

Welcome to the Cedarville Waterworks Facilities Board Community.  Please contact our office by phone or you can print out the  Application for New Service and return to our office with the deposit. 


Deposits vary depending on whether you own or rent the property.  

Owners - $75.00

Renters or Lease to Own - $125.00


If the property in question does not currently have a meter, there will be a $30.00 service charge to install a meter.

If there is currently a meter at the location you are moving to, then we request you bring in a read off your meter or call one in so we know where to start your usage.  


If a property has never had water service, then a new tap will be required.  The tapping fee must be paid in addition to the normal deposits.  It is best to call our office in advance to discuss the property's location, possible road crossings, and what paperwork will be required.